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It's been more than five years since House District 22 had real representation the New Mexico House of Representatives, and it's time for that to change! The current incumbent in that position persists in repeatedly putting forward proposals that are so extreme that she can't even get more than a small percentage of her own party to support them, so they simply just die in committee, year after year. From trying to eliminate background checks for most if not all gun purchases, to introducing new laws (on top of existing laws against rape and tampering with evidence) against having sex with a corpse, on up to trying to impeach the Governor simply because she disagrees with policy and the decisions of the courts, the HD 22 "Representative" engages in political stunt after political stunt to get press coverage, instead of working to improve life within her district. It's time for that to change!

Fred will listen to the issues of constituents of ALL political persuasions . . . not just a handful of out-of-district extremists . . . and will work across the aisle in the House to get things done for residents of the eastern foothills in Albuquerque, the East Mountain communities and in Torrance County. While Fred's opponent has focused mainly on the rights of gun owners, many other issues have gone ignored.

  • Although a woman's right to make her own medical decisions about her own body is now enshrined in New Mexico's Constitution, that right is continually coming under assault on a local level where local governments are trying to pass local statutes to limit that right in violation of state law. Fred will always fight to make personal medical decisions for both men and women a personal matter, and will vigorously fight in the legislature for the rights of the individual.
  • The 2nd Amendment guarantees citizens the right to keep and bear arms, but the courts have often approved measures to limit those rights. Fred will always support the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens, but those rights need to be tempered with common sense gun safety laws.
  • Job creation has been ignored.
  • Water issues don't make headlines, so Fred's opponent doesn't do anything to address them
  • Particularly in rural areas, but also in the urban segment of the district, education is a huge issue that HD22's incumbent legislator has allowed to languish on the back burner.


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